Scope of Services

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Depending upon the Delivery System chosen by our Client, our services may include some or all of the following items:

Site Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Flood Plain Status – Determine flood zone and flood plain status
  • Utility Availability – Investigate availability of water, sewer, natural gas and adequate electrical power.
  • Environmental Phase 1 Investigation – Evaluate previous uses of property that may affect current plans. Required by lenders.
  • Geotechnical Investigation – Investigate and classify on-site soil conditions
  • Traffic/ Access – Determine allowable locations of access and egress to site
  • Functional Analysis – Evaluate the site’s suitability for intended development
  • Storm Water Issues – Investigate Detention/Retention and Quality Control requirements.
  • Geologic Evaluation – Determine if any fault lines are through or adjacent to the site.



  • Site Utilization Review – Evaluate future impact of any of the Client’s on-site activities on construction budgeting and scheduling.
  • Budgeting & Pricing – Prepare accurate estimates throughout the design process from initial budgets to final contract pricing.
  • Scheduling – Establish and refine a critical path phasing and activity schedule
  • Subcontractor Selection and Involvement – Assemble the best possible project team and utilize their input during pricing, scheduling and value engineering.
  • Constructability Review – Evaluate all of the project systems to eliminate gaps and conflicts. Identify special or long lead items.
  • Value Engineering – Think "outside the box" to make certain that the most cost efficient designs and construction methods are being used.



  • Communication – Regular meetings with Client and Design Team to provide updates, monitor progress and resolve pending issues.
  • Processes/ Procedures – Manage the construction process and monitor progress.
  • Quality Control – Insure compliance with contract documents and quality of work.
  • LEED Certification – Implement, manage and monitor compliance with all certification requirements.




  • Commissioning – Ensure that all building systems are functioning as intended and train Client’s personnel in their operation and maintenance.
  • Project Close-out – Provide Client with complete set of project documents, including “as built” plans, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and warranty information.
  • Warranty Walk-through – Final verification that all building components and systems are operating properly at the end of the warranty period.